Monday, December 04, 2006

Advent #4

Mister Porqupine here is right up there in my top five favorites, simpley because he is so darn cute. His nose is a sharp little point that I always worry about breaking when I pack him away each year. If I remember correctly I got him at Crate and Barrel, a secret super place to buy ornaments.


staceyfike 8:34 AM  

well isn't he.....unusual!! those are the best ones!!! i've gotta get out big tree out this week and start busting out all the rest of our ornaments or i'm gonna run out of pictures!!

amberskolnick 12:46 PM  

this is the coolest ornament i've seen yet
love it!!

LiSA 7:47 PM  

ack! SO CUTE!

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