Monday, November 06, 2006

A Monday list, beginnings

  • 2007 Calendars, so many beautiful ones to select from, still think we are staying with the William Wayhem Weim Calendars.
  • Finished a scrap project, hooray! All ready have another one out and busy. Love that.
  • Heavy purple clouds hanging by a drop in the sky all day.
  • WinAmp Ambient Lounge cast, nice and mellow.
  • Updating my planner, needed to add more mono's to the rest of the calendar.
  • Greeting Card browsing, love the images.
  • Seeing an old friend/co-worker, and falling right back into the groove.
  • Curlie haired Betty
  • I have a wonderful breeze blowing through my craft room window, the rustles that come with it are like small fairy conversations.
  • Thinking of Lisa, it is my comfort time of year and Lisa was and is always right there with it.
  • Melting ice water, so fresh.
  • Feeling the scrap mojo coming back, it disappeared for a short time.
  • Seeing a friend from Cub Scouts who was so full of LIGHT after a spiritual retreat this past week. I told his wife tonight that he was glowing, and she was so happy she had tears come to her eyes as she told me, "I know!". Love that.
  • The emerald green from Great Expectations, and the long abandoned party tables covered with leaves and moss and cobwebs just waiting for the party to continue.


lisa 2:03 AM  

ooh i miss you

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