Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blast from the past into the present

Today Alex and I headed to Sea World to see Jack Hanna and his neato animals. I use to watch Jack Hanna as a kid and was so excited to hear that he was coming to town. So instead of coming home after taking Casey to the airport and sleeping, we made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, played with the pups, played a wee bit of Age of Empires 3, and then went to Sea World so early that we were literally the 5th car in the lot. the great thing about that was they had the horses and dolphines open, it is great to be able to see the dolphines when they are playful and there are not millions of people pushing around Alex. We ended up hanging out with a family of four, with two super little kids, and between us two moms and three trays of fish, we both got some great pictures of our kids touching the dolphines and flinging fishes into the pool. :O) Gotta love mom team work, plus we both admitted that we were looking for those scrappable shots. *tee hee*

Alex on top of one of those huge cement pile-ons in the parking lot
Alex in the early morning parking lot
Dolphine Fun

After riding the Shamu express, climbing like a monkey all over the kids gym, it was finally time to get seats for the Jack Hanna show. We saw Sun bears, a blinded bald eagel, a fox, an alligator, a pair of Candian Linx, penguins, some prehistoric looking bird that I swear was going to chomp this one kids head off, boas, and a baby kanagroo. Jack Hanna was generious and happily posed and signed all manner of things for the entire crowd. He signed Alex's shirt for us, and Alex was happy! Time to frame it up with the photo below.

Jack Hanna in the flesh

After all the show craziness, Alex and I decided to ride the Rio Loco, because what else are you going to do in November but ride a rapids ride guarenteed to get you wet?

This picture pretty much sums up the day!


Gina 4:32 PM  

How fun! I love Sea World! That's so cool that you guys met Jack Hanna!
Looks like you had a great weekend!

screaming iguana 4:46 PM  

My kid is the dopest dope around..


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