Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crafty Goodness

One of my favorite things about Flylady is her control journal. Well last night I was in a crafty mood, and I busted out this altered binder, all the fun glitter stickles work is not really visable with this shot, but I love it.

I am worried about my organizer though, it is missing in action and I am feeling lost with out it.


Anonymous 11:01 AM  

Nicole, you need to know about the free printable downloads for your control journal on www.organizedhome.com, and http://www.familyshoppingbag.com/emergencyphonelist.png
I used those downloads to put my Cj together and I was so glad to find something that didn't cost any more than the ink and paper I printed it on! Love Flylady too! ~ Jessica

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