Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poodle Mixes are the Reasons for Dyson's

Today was a Red Letter Day in Betty's world, she FINALLY went up the stairs all by herself. Up until now she has been a down the stairs only kind of girl. She gets her tail moving as a balance and just hops the whole way. She had made it up the stairs by herself, but only half way then she chickened out. So we always carried her up, the Baroness that she is. But today her desire to be with us upstairs over ruled any fears. Horray for puppy accomplishments.

I also had my first hands on expierence with the Dyson. My friend Shonda let me borrow her pink dyson (so cute!) and let me tell you I was only slightly impressed with the job it did downstairs. I guess the current vaccuum had been doing an okay job. The dirt and dust and the weird powdery substance was pretty gross though. BUT, but, then I did the stairs and I fell in love with the telescoping arm and the mountains of grossiness that was in the canister. Emptying the Dyson canster is the equivelent of popping a zit, you gotta look and see what was in there! Gross I know, but you know you do it too!

Seriously I want one, and I want the ANIMAL model, because I have four dogs and I don't like to vaccuum and I want suction and I want it even more because of the amount of fur on the stairs from a dog only going down it by herself, and now she will be making BOTH trips. Double the fur.

Seriously DYSON = Housekeeping LOVE


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