Saturday, September 30, 2006

Orange you glad for me?

That's right folks, Alex earned his Orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. Rock on little dude! So right now he is a low orange belt. We are starting to learn his new form and we will both be testing in November (as long as it doesn't conflict with our Cub Scout camping trip) I will be going for my low orange, Alex will go for his high orange. We have alot of form work to do as well as focus. But it is so much fun, and can you see the pride in his face! I have never seen a white belt come off so fast when SabBumNim brought out Alex's new orange belt. So happy and proud of him. Casey immediately took a dozen pictures to send to his Dad, who is a black belt in TKD.

This is the lovely result from our produce purging, and chicken stock making. Hmmm, notice the steam? Now I just have to make sure I eat through it all. Casey, who is not that fond of veggies, asked me how many servings of veggies this one bowl has. I have no idea, but I was sure glad to see everyone eating them up!

Today I get to visit one of my favorite places ever. Especially since three of my favorite beings ever came from there, the SPCA. I organized a Go See It for our Tiger Cub den to the SPCA, they will learn all about animal care, why we should spay and neuter and dog safety.

We were just there a month ago to get Betty, she has made an amazing turn around in the last month. She looks so healthy, she is playful, and she loves so deeply.

Twain is the cause for my deep love of the special needs dogs. He had heart worms and no one would adopt him. A pure bred weimeraner, but no one wanted him, big oaf that he is. But as soon as Casey and I spied him, we were taken. I will never forget him giving Alex a small lick and the way he would snuggle his head into our legs then look up with those big green eyes. Twain spent about 6 weeks at the SPCA while he had heart worm treatment, we would come and visit him, snuggling him while he was recovering, passed out on his bed. People at the SPCA still talk about him and are always happy to see us.

Penny, well Penny was a fabulous twist of fate. We were orginally going to get another puppy, but a lady beat us to her by 2 minutes (literally). Penny was the puppy in the cage above, about 2 months younger, such a wee baby. But she has been the most perfect fit in our family. She is our protector and mother pup. She is always on the look out for us. It has taken us two years to get her to relax in the house, to put her guard down, and even then that happens only rarely. She is our creature of habit. And our lover of cookies.

Needless to say we love all our shelter pups, and even our backyard breeder pup Bella (of course!). Hopefully today's trip to the SPCA will teach the boys to spay and neuter and will hopefully open up their parents eyes to what they should do for their animals.

And how could I forget to mention our beloved Yuki, I found her in the middle of the street on a boiling hot day. No one ever claimed her, so we were blessed to have her in our lives for 4 months. Sweet Yuki girl.


MartyGentry 11:09 PM  

Go Alex!!!

Oh,and I recently adopted from a Wal-Mart parking lot a cute little brown and white pointer/mix..Spottie Dottie.
add her to my collection of strays..

we have Girl-a chow/border collie, and Trouble, a husky?malmute(sp?)?

Love them!!

lisa 7:05 PM  

OMG! Baby Pen-Pen and baby Alex. wow. and Yukers. aw man what a legacy that yard has seen. Now why dont you mosey on over here and check out the cat collection we've got here! LOL

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