Monday, September 25, 2006

Offically comfort food time

I have been eye-ing the crisper bin in our fridge for a couple of days and decided to make some veggie soup before all the green goodness spoils. But I needed Chicken stock, sure I could buy canned stock, but I planned ahead and have been saving chicken bones and scraps in the freezer. Toss in some celerey, carrots, onions, handful of peppercorn, and you have stock! Once it sets up overnight in the fridge and I have skimmed off all the fat, I am making a hearty thick veggie soup/stew. Talk about belly comfort.

My favorite Comfort Food queen has a new show starting on the Food Network. Nigella Lawson kicks booty in the kitchen. Her books are my cooking bibles, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants basics beyond the traditional red checked Betty Crocker. I am talking basics like stocks, roasted chicken recipes, killer veggie gratins, and of course desserts.

The food network has been my channel flip of choice lately. Between Pepin, De laurentis, Oliver, and old school Lawson, I am reloving my food prep. go Kitchen Cook!

My tummy and mind have been calling for comfort food lately. I was able to wear a sweater this past Sunday! Nothing beats snuggling down into a cotton sweater and STILL wearing flip flops. I might have left Cali, but Cali is still in my style. And nothing beats knowing that one day super soon I will have to dig out the down comforters and listen for freeze reports. Soon we will have to dress Twain in his doggie jacket, and maybe Betty too. And soon my parents will be asking if I can knit Sammy a sweater to keep him snuggly. Soon, soon, soon.

And Holy Schmoly it will SOON be Christmas time.


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