Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dazed and Confused in between folds of flannel

I have been sick, the kind of sick that settles on you like a thick dark comforter. The feeling of breathing hot stale air while hiding out under your bedding, that has been me. I surface for the hours that Alex is here, moving, working, doing, but holding out for that second where I can strip and slide between my flannel sheets to tuke my toes into the folds and slip away into sickness.

Luckily today, I am feeling much better. Bugman had school pictures today, an event we always prepare for with loads of smile training and the just right shirt. I woke him up early, popped his butt in the shower, styled his hair, and filled his tummy with breakfast and his sleepy mind with Tom and Jerry. Then off to school where all the girls wore dresses like wedding cakes, and the boys were all "handsome".

Monday, I had the joy of babysitting Sammy while my mom went somewhere. He looks so cute and snuggley when sleeping, but man can he ever whine.

And of course my mom just eats it up that he loves her so much.


lea ann 1:01 PM  

that second photo of the puppy looking up at you...

hope you're feeling better!!

Screaming Iguana 2:49 PM  

retarded cute

Negin 7:11 PM  

OMG Sammy is just too cute!!

I hope your feeling better luv!!! Big hugs and kisses! MUAHH!

Anonymous 12:20 AM  

I want a custom cover! That is so neat looking! You can e-mail me at about it!

MartyGentry 11:06 PM  

OMG I think that was one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!

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