Thursday, December 29, 2011

There be Waves on the Horizon

I am by no means a level headed person when first introduced to change. I twist through an uncomfortable revolution of anger, freak out, sadness, laziness, a wee bit of positive outlook, resignation, and then I start to believe that I can handle this.

I am right now in between the freak out and sadness phases. Now before you join me in my woes, please know that nothing dire is happening, just experiencing the change that comes with being a self employed contractor. Contracts are always slow at new years. Contract work is always changing, and for now the majority of our sources are changing for the worse. Which means Nicole and Casey have to change faster then they can for the benefit of our family.

It is very much like being forced to exercise, you know exercise is good for you, but you sure as hell hate it while you are sweating. Which means that I need writing therapy, so my words are coming back here to the blog.


Anonymous 5:45 PM  

Well I welcome the blog posts but I am sorry it comes with unrest. Glad to see you back. :) -Kimberly

Lisa 1:36 AM  

Welcome back! We're here...

Nicole 8:55 PM  

Change does spur the sharing of words.

Thinking of you, girl. XO

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