Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What do you schlep?

I admit it, I carry around a big ole purse that is packed with stuff. I carry more now then I did when Alex was little. Lately I feel like I am carrying way more then I use to. So let's see what I have been dragging around with me lately. First, this is my Vera Bradley Bowler bag that I got for Mother's day three years ago. Now I am not a huge VB fan, but this purse is awesome, everything has a place and I can find anything with my eyes closed. That is a sign of a well designed bag.

 Behold, the Goods...

After emptying everything out of my bag I was left with quite a pile of stuff!
  • My planner, which will be retired as of tonight since my new Life Planner is on the Fedex delivery truck as we speak!
  • Library Book, Godmother, cute and dark fairytale remake.
  • My VB wallet, LOVE it, get asked about it at least once a week.
  • Check book, which I usually leave at home, this guy got mixed in with some papers.
  • Two thumb drives, it is the core of my work.
  • My droid, yay smart phones.
  • Mentos Gum, it sure is interesting tasting.
  • Alex's leftover twizzler package from the movies a few weeks ago. I think I am going to chuck it.
  • Six pens and one Pencil.
  • One mini package of crayons, best dollar store find ever! It was a necessity when Alex was little, now it is just casual fun.
  • BB&W antibacterial gel
  • Colour Juice lip gloss.
  • Sun glasses
  • Name mints that Casey brought home from a business trip.
  • Chapstick, can't live without it.
  • Beaver Balm cuticle care, AMAZING stuff.
  • Mascara, eyeliner, brush and eyeshadow set for today. I was running late and knew I would have time to apply it at the client site.
  • Two hair ties
  • Big ass pile of random papers.
  • A book of Logic puzzles, fun to entertain myself with when Alex takes over my phone for Angry birds.
So at the moment, my purse is washing away grime and dirt, and I am sorting through this pile of stuff to decide what I really need to schlep around with me.

So what do you take with you everywhere?


Sarah 6:22 PM  

I bought a smaller purse because I wanted to get rid of the clutter in my bigger purse. Yeah, that didn't work.

kkb214 9:43 PM  

You'd think I'd carry around diapers and wipes but I never seem o have hem when I heed them!

Courtney 12:22 AM  

I'm not a big VB fan either, but I love that print! I have it in a big beachy style bag and a wallet.

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