Monday, July 04, 2011

And Pug makes Five!

A couple weeks ago Casey sent me a message that a friend posted on Face Book. They had a friend who needed to find a home for his Pug. She was practically perfect, but he was moving to a new apartment that didn't allow pets.

So you know what we did, we offered up our home. I talked to the guy and straight off the bat let him know that she would be #5 for us, but we had plenty of room in our house, yard, and hearts for her. Especially Alex...

She showed up yesterday with her owner, we let her mingle with the other pups and Alex, while us "adults" chatted it up. Come to find out we had all met years ago at our mutual friends house. He spent about an hour with us, said that he felt Prissie would do fabulous here and went on his way after a pause that held so much love and emotion. It wasn't an easy decision you could see that in his body language when he walked away, we all felt for him.

But now we are adjusting to life with a Pug. She is FULL of character. Has wooed Buddy. Has made Archie very protective of me. And the Big Girls just like having another girl around. She has a special bond with Alex since he likes to snuggle her and give kisses. But the Casey man, she loves for the treats and smell of BBQ that lingers around him.

It is nice having two house muffins again. I hope that Archie warms up to her so he has an indoor buddy again. He has been lonely since Betty passed away. It funny how 5 feels right. :)


Nicole 11:55 AM  

Pugs are so cute. They're on our list for pup numero two. However, with us moving into an apartment next - that pup won't be coming for a long, long, long time :)

Five seems like a handful, but you all seem to have more than enough love to share!

Lisa 8:45 PM  

You just can't stay away from 5 can you? :)

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