Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Eve, perfect

We spent New Years Eve at home this year, just like years past. There is a comfort to ringing in a new year within our own walls, with our cooking, our libations, our family and friends. If last night is any indication to have 2011 will be like for us, then we are in for a great year.

Me, tired, happy and anticipating a new year.

Casey, Master and Commander for all things fun.

Alex, a blur all night, there were way too many Nerf fights, snacks, and fireworks to explode to slow down.

Kim, girlie girl with the Fouey pup. The background image is a great peek into the crazy times we had.
Robert, Copilot and instigator of craziness.


Lisa 1:33 AM  

Love the pictures! Happy new year!

Screaming Iguana 9:52 PM  

Alex looks like William Gibson in that picture. Maybe we have a budding author in our midst?

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