Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trimming the Life Fat

It's Limbo week, that odd week of the year where the holidays are over and the New Year has yet to start, which means everything is in reflection. I have all ready made my prep list and have moved on to thinking about what I would like to cut out of my life in the next year. For a girl who loves lists, this is the perfect mental workout!


  1. Facebook games, I admit it, I love to zone out on Frontierville. The missions, the cropping, the holiday events, it's a vice AND a mega time waster. It takes away time I could be spending with my family, on my house, cooking recipes from the stack of cookbooks we have, gardening, puppy playing, LIFE.
  2. Couch time, the TV is ALWAYS on. Time to make some rules about when the TV is on and what is being watched.
  3. Paperwork, the sheer amount of paper, mail, contracts, reciepts that we have/store is CRAZY! I want to start purge and organizing this better than it currently is. Maybe even look into Neat Reciepts again.
  4. Clutter, it is everywhere, enough said.
  5. Processed STUFF, think foods, sodas, snacks, ice creams, etc.  I know how to make all that stuff, so I need to just make it instead of buy it.
  1. Stress, I am my own worst enemy. I CREATE stress for some stupid reason. New Mantra= Less Stress is More Living
  2. Anxiety, which is closely related to stress. I can work myself up over just about anything.
  3. Arguements, I have slowly been realizing that many of the arguements that I am involved in, I start. Ouch!
  4. Cursing, yeah I can and do sound like a sailor. Time to stop, I want to sound as educated and classy as I really am.
  5. Expectations, I hold a high bar to everyone else but myself. So I want to drop other's bar and pick mine up.
Obviously, my New Year is working towards making a New Me.


Lisa 11:53 PM  

Awesome! You are right to make this new year about making the better version of YOU!

Stress & anxiety: they are byproducts. WHAT causes them? The answer isn't "I do." Look at where the stress comes from and why you react that way? Maybe then you can avoid those stress-inducing situations. I highly doubt you're creating stress to create it. I hope you figure out what's underneath & conquer or avoid it!

Nicole (at) Barefoot + Smitten 9:56 AM  

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

The Husband and I have been talking about doing one of these lists. You may have inspired me to do just that.

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