Monday, October 11, 2010

The Decor...

I emptied out our decoration closet, otherwise known as the space under the stairs today. It was clear that we had a surplus of one type of decoration, Halloween decorations.

 The entire stack is just Halloween, not even a smidgen of Thanksgiving mixed in there. We love this Holiday, especially Casey. At least once during the Spooky season we go out as a family and search through all the stores for Halloween decorations. We did that annual trip on Saturday and found a small handful of items we might pick up. Even though we love this holiday, we still wait for discounts on the decorations because they can be astronomically priced! For instance, all our Spooky towns houses on the left of the picture were either gifts or deeply discounted simply because one decent house can run you $75+ without a coupon. We have not picked many of them up over the last couple years because the workmanship has definitely been lowered, which is a shame, they are super cool.
Here is evidence that we are biased towards Halloween. This pile is for all the other holidays the rest of the year, including Christmas and wrapping papers. The brown boxes on the right are not even part of this stash, so this pile is even smaller.

Next week I will show you our outdoor decorations, because today was all about indoor decor!


Sarah 11:16 PM  

I have to admit that our Halloween decorations are beginning to rival the Christmas decorations. I've been trying to amass more fall inspired decor to offset the amount of Halloween. Just my favorite time of year!

Lisa 11:19 PM  

my decorations are Halloween to Christmas 1:2 My only non-Halloween fall decor consists of 2 candle holders, and there is NO spring!

Love those post-holiday clearances!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 10:08 PM  

Wow! You guys are awesome! I love the Spooky town and always thought it would be fun to collect them.

I tend to err on the Christmas side (it's ridiculous), but I'm beginning to see the coolness in a solid Halloween decor.

(And, I'm totally loving your son's comment about eggplant parm. Hilarious. My hubby probably felt the same way, but didn't have the heart to tell me. He usually sides closely with 10-year-olds. I thought it was delicious.)

Nicole (at) Barefoot + Smitten 3:22 PM  

Our holiday decor is so minimal at this point, I think it fits in like four large rubbermaid containers. And I've been fortunate enough to buy holiday coordinating colored containers at season's end. I'm sad to say, my few Halloween items snuggly fit into my harvest box. I'm even sadder that I only have the one harvest box. I've been slowly collecting more and more since we bought the house last year. We not only have more space to decorate - but we have room to *store* the decorations! :)

Will you share post-decorating pictures too? I love to see what other do with their home :)

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