Friday, April 16, 2010

Here I sit...

My spot, my space, my cluttered desk, my favorite place to think, muse, create, write, dig deeper.
It is raining still so the sky outside is dusky and closer to being dark then light. The house is empty save for muffins and me. Which means I can indulge in a single light and very loud moody music.
The music fits the weather like a soundtrack. Perfection and completion. Music makes everything rounded and full. No silence for me today.
The day has unexpectedly become open, no obligations but a mighty to-do in the works. To-do lists that are self propelled are a favorite, a list that I actually want to complete and enjoy the process.
Plus there are some birthday gift cards burning a hole in my wallet. Flaming with possibilities and probabilities, siren's calling me. Aren't gift cards a perfect way to extend a birthday?
Yesterday's birthyear goal post really helped me to clarify some mental ramblings. Especially goals number 18 and 29, Put my family first, remember who is important and look to them. So I stepped back from someone and closer to my men. I made a cookbook dinner and rebooted laundry. I cleaned and placed a pretty table. I just have to work on the mega bitch attitude. Grumpiness clings to me like oil. slick and dirty. It comes directly from the source that was causing me to ignore my true duties.
Refocus today. Here I sit contemplating the best use of a free day, with my list in mind and music painting my thoughts.
Today will be a productive happier day.


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