Monday, March 29, 2010


Bella in the morning light, I like this shot.

  • The days are warming and hoodies are no longer a must.
  • A Food revolution is on my mind.
  • Disgusted at persons who post on others walls and make nasty toned comments that they think I won't be able to read.
  • Loving late night kitchen talks with my one true. The talks have been altering.
  • Love A-game Nicole.
  • Happy that an instructor canceled class on Wednesday, so I get to cut out early.
  • Waiting for a 4 o'clock baby phone call from my bff. :)
  • Over joyed for a happy healthy healing Alex, first day back to school was great.
  • Still rocking the school books and the grades show it.
  • Listening to moody rainy day music even with the sun shining because I like it.
  • Started dreaming about car rides in San Diego again. I must miss some part of that city.
  • Looking forward to Super nachos and DVR'd Life.
  • Planning a Lego egg hunt for Alex, of course it would be Legos.
  • Cracking up over Archie happy growls, cutest dog ever.
  • Planning my Summer and Fall schedule, looking forward to more more and more.
  • Loving that my hair is long enough for Braids again.

I am Happy today.


Lisa 10:07 PM  

Know that you've made someone very happy just by reading this. <3 deep breath for me =)

are you SO into Food Revolution too??

Sarah 2:23 PM  

This list is great!!

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