Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swapped Rooms!

We did it, today we decided to switch rooms around! Alex and I spent a solid 5 hours swapping rooms. Man Alive we both have a lot of stuff. Well, mostly me. His room is pretty much done except to hang some pictures and swap closets. Both will be done tomorrow. My new office needs to be super organized, which will be much easier to do once my massive closet space opens up.

I have been refilling my bookcases and setting up my massive desk, which is just a 6 foot banquet table. I had a couple small thrills when I was emptying a package of highlighters into my desk caddy, soon I will have a need for those! Yay for school.

Needless to say I am beat and tomorrow it starts all over again since I need to get the closets done and the painting HAS to be finished this week. HAS TO BE FINISHED!!! I will post some pictures tomorrow, mostly of my many piles. LOL.


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