Monday, December 28, 2009

Savoring #10

I spent part of the day packing away all that was Christmas. I felt a sudden urge to tuck it away, organized and waiting, before the end of the year. It must be that I am so excited for January.

It might look like a red body bag, but it is the best way we have found to store our fake tree.Then I spent part of my evening making progress, see Sarah! Little bits here and here, filling in spaces left blank, all most ready to start on a creature. Hooray!
When I think back over my day, I can't remember much besides a bowl of soup, laundry, packing away glittered items, Wii Fitting, evening cooking, stitching and stepping outside only once.
Focus Nicole, there are 6 days to go.


Sarah 10:50 PM  

Hooray for progress!! I think I'm going to take down Cmas either tomorrow or Thursday. I scored on a bunch of purple lights on an after holiday sale, so next year I have something to look forward to! Looking at the pic on my blog, I realize I have made some progress, but not a whole lot simply because of the size of the stitches. Sad. I think I'll grab one of my quickies and do it just so I can say I completed ONE project on break!

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