Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Quilt Stacks

This is our massive pile of quilts, all made by my mom except one made by myself many moons ago. We are a household that uses our quilts, they don't stay nicely folded on a shelf. Instead they are piled on the couch, draped over dogs, used as sick blankets, fort roofs, and dog beds, much to the slight horror of my mom. But I know she is truly happy that her handy work is used and loved and is a major part of our family.
On to the quilts!
Stack #1
Top: A flannel faced quilt backed in fleece, given to us an Christmas gift 8 years ago.
Middle: A Cotton face and back quilt, that was my Christmas 2009 gift.
Bottom: A King sized cotton quilt that was Casey's 2009 Christmas gift.
Stack #2
Top: My single contribution to the quilt pile, consequently the oldest and most abused.
Middle 1: A flannel lap quilt gifted to us in 2006
Middle 2: A cotton crazy quilt backed in flannel. The first quilt made just for Casey, 2003
Bottom: A cotton cat quilt backed in star flannel, a gift to us in 2000

Stack #3

Top: A space explorer lap quilt for Alex, gifted in 2008

Middle: Alex's Santa quilt that is covered in the most amazing embroidery, gifted in 2007

Bottom: Alex's baby blanket quilt backed in minky. This one had a wee bit of trauma attached to it since we cut up all his "blankies" to make it. He was pissed about that for a couple years, but now loves to snuggle in this one.


gina 11:20 AM  

Those quilts are amazing, Nicole! I love the history behind them all.

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