Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Savoring #3

I spent my early early morning at Starbucks with my Sharon. Enjoying coffee, snacks, and lots of girl talk. It was a perfect start...
Picked up Alex and headed to the park for slides and monkey bars.

And lots of laughing and story telling.

We waited for the leaves to fall off the trees...

We dashed off to get a hair cut and a couple last minute gifts.
And watched Casey open his Day 10 Advent, somehow we started a day early.

We finished cookie making and delighted in the perfectly imperfect Buckeyes.

We piled cookies...

and boxed them up for friends and neighbors.
Delivering them to houses and smiles and returning with tamales and Forrest Gump.


Lisa 12:58 AM  

yum! and nice haircut!!!

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