Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Goal Review!

I actually got a lot done this month! I was pretty excited about that. :) So many green items this month! Obviously looking over my past months, I need to make Fitness a priority, it has been a FAIL each month. Next month is a New Start and a New Year! Hooray!

Purge and Organize Hall storage closet. Success!! It was so much quicker then I thought it would be, just goes to show that most dreaded tasks really are not that painful.
Room swap with Alex. Success! It took 2 days, but the swap is done and we are both so happy in our new rooms.
Sell Items from office. Fail, sort of, this will be an on going task I think, hopefully most of it will be gone by February.
Super clean garage Maybe next week. :)
Make a weekly list of meals and meats to use from freezer. Fail!
Make and share holiday cookie plates for family and friends. Success! I have had requests for recipes all ready. Yay!
Inventory Pantry Fail, decided that I need to make a master grocery list instead.
Peter Bible study once a week Failed, did 2 out of 4 weeks.
Wake up early for personal time with God 4 out of 7 days a week. No waking up on my end!

Plan late winter beds Success, a post to come soon about this.
Plan seed starts.

Hour on the Elliptical 5 times a week ummm, nope,
Chart exercise time. I just have to say I LOVE how the Wii Fit keeps track of what I do.
Money this was a complete success!
Update Budget Weekly YAY!
Finish the new budget cash flow report for both businesses YAY!
Finish organizing receipts YAY!
Stay within our monthly grocery budget! SUPER YAY!!!
Make a bill pay calendar Yay!

The Christmas Prep
Finish gift buying by 12/10 Fail, bought the last gift on the 22nd!
Mail Holiday cards by 12/3
Mail Holiday gifts by 12/7
Sort through holiday decorations for items to toss or donate
Decorate house!
Decorate yard!

2009 Year Close
Organize and store 2009 bills and receipts
Fill in Calendars with yearly info.
Organize, Upload to flickr, and Purge yearly Pictures. Started the purging and organizing on my photo drive, will continue working on this in January.
Make 2010 Bill Box, Job Box and Receipt Box.
Make 2010 Goal list.


Lisa 5:12 PM  

It would be SO HARD for me to purge those pics. I have them all uploaded...or why am I hesitating??

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