Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thankful #1

I believe that many people go about their lives without looking at the many great things in their life that they should be thankful for. Instead, they focus on petty slights or trivial arguments, and rarely take the time to express gratitude for the true blessings that they do have. I have been this person, more then I want to tell you, but half of the battle is acknowledging that behavior and then NOT being that way again.
Today, someone very close to me, hurt me in ways that I do not ever want to do to someone else. They acted in a petty and bitter manner, and even though I expected no less from them, I found that it had really hurt my feelings once it occurred. But I am so thankful for a husband and son who know me well enough to offer support and care through the minutes and hours after the fact. Casey happened to call only a few minutes after I had left, and helped me to focus my attention on the lesson that I could learn, instead of the bitterness and petty actions that I was probably minutes away from committing. Alex gave me a hug as soon as he could, and continued through the day. Casey called again just to make sure I was doing okay, and happily found me all right and moving forward.
So today, ever much so, I am eternally grateful for the family that I made, the one that Casey and I created together. Because these two men know and love me for me. I am blessed to have such a great husband and fabulous son. Lucky me!


Lisa 5:52 PM  

Glad you could move past the bitterness and focus on something else.

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