Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So Excited!

I have been a wee bit quiet on here the last couple of days because I am working on something big, well very big for me at least.

I am going back to school!!!

I have been knocking around the idea for a couple years, but never really decided that I was going to actually do it, but something changed a couple weeks ago and I have been on a mission! Today I take my placement exams, which has me nervous and excited. Nervous because of the math, I can do it, but the practice questions in math that proved to me how removed from school I have been. The essays and reading will be a cinch for me, I could rock those with my eyes closed. I am excited because the test is the last big hurtle before I am official registered and can start enrolling for classes later this month. I still have to wait on my high school transcripts to arrive to turn in and have to take a advisement class next week, but those are no biggie.

Soon, I will be a student again. Focused on my goal, and keeping a handle on all my regular life, including work. Which I am okay with. Just need to remind myself of that in a couple months.

Have I mentioned how excited I am?? I am buzzing like a live wire today!!!! I have been planning out the classes that I want to take, trying to make sure that they all fall into my academic plan to transfer to UTSA in 2 years. And let me tell you, so much has changed in college, everything so far has been online, from the enrollment process, to registering for classes, to today's test, to ordering books, all online. Yay!

So, once this enrollment process is complete in the next two weeks, I have two months till classes start, to get as much done here at home that I can. I want to reorganize and clean and finish home improvements, I want to make lists, and complete taxes and sell some stuff laying around. I want to tidy it all up so when classes start I have zero distractions. Yeah right, life is a distraction, but I can at least get the objects in our home in order. Two months, ready to watch me lose my head in excitement for a while?


Courtney 11:07 PM  

Sweet! Congrats, this is so great!

Lisa 12:27 AM  

We totally support you here in SD! Very excited for you. Remember not to give in if things ever seem frustrating or at times ridiculous. It is all a see if you are willing to go through the long haul and get the reward at the end. At times, it will suck. At times, your personal life will make the work seem impossible.

But with the right support and understanding, you can totally do it.


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