Monday, September 07, 2009

A Long Weekend Love

Three days just sounds so much better than two days. I am right? Three days FEEL better than two days. On that I know I am right. These three days really feel like the end of summer to me. Our temperatures are still high, our AC is on all day long, you could fry an egg on the hood of a car, but today (for me) is the final day of summer.

We went Halloween shopping this weekend, and came away with a huge list of things we would like to add to our collection this year. I have started a fall knit, and have a pile of them que'ed on the chair next to me. I am searched for an open salon all day because someone decided to cut his own hair, but all were closed to enjoy today as much as we have.

We gave many many baths this weekend, mostly because Penny decided to play with a skunk, but also because it is warm enough that the dogs won't hate the cold hose, but love it instead. The garden is being prepped for a very late Fall crop, hopefully they will last through Thanksgiving. Green beans, squash, pumpkins, spinach, chives. And then the weather can turn to frost and cold snaps all it wants. Or I should say, All that I want.

This weekend of family and days and sleeping in and coffee fastings and red beans with rice and The Phantom Tollbooth and us squeezing the last bit of summer flush from our days. Perfect. It has all been perfect.


Lisa 10:38 PM  

Your pictures are fabulous! I love that one of Alex...I love fall. I love summer. But to me, even back at school for 7 weeks already, it felt like the end of summer! Now go home, tourists!

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