Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I am currently Crushing on.

It's Thursday, not Friday (boo!), so I need to share some of my current crushes right now.

The music, the Video, makes every morning awesome

The history, the process of getting into Heaven, the love, Damn Lisa See can put a great spin on a ghost/love story

Coffee, good glorious coffee.

Seriously, love this, I am thinking a self stocking stuffer!

Love this blog and what she did to her kitchen cabinets, I am totally doing this.

This first week back to school has gone great! Alex and I have fallen into a morning routine with out any issues. Homework has been a little bit of a struggle, but that is what the first week of school is usually like. This week has been like a mini vacation for me, next week will send us all back to the grind, Casey on a trip, Alex in school, me back to teaching a handful of days. Our schedule has become incredibly full all ready this year, every single day there is something for someone. I all ready long for Christmas break. But in the mean time, i am going to enjoy the cooler mornings, my family being all together for dinner every night, and mornings to myself.


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