Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just what I need, a list!

Actually a couple lists!

Quick thoughts:

  • Old old friends who have come back into my life this past year make me feel warm and fuzzy. Thanks friends.
  • I have picked up knitting again after my summer heat hiatus. Have a yummy project on my needles that I can't wait to wear!
  • Dogs make everything better.
  • So does really good risotto leftovers.
  • I need a facial, maybe I will bust out the goods tonight to lay one on.
  • Have been feeling fall in the air these last two days, actually it has LOOKED like fall but FELT like summer. Which means a change is brewing.

A to-do list for this coming week:

  • Clean, reorg and purge my office. It is a nightmare.
  • Frog any knit projects that are not complete.
  • Finish painting the downstairs ceiling.
  • Plant a late fall garden.
  • Clean and reorg the pantry, again, it is a disaster in there.

Okay, time for nighttime tea!


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