Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have not been myself lately. Between three colds, sinus infections, headaches, body aches, my best friend leaving for over a year, up and down weather, and Casey's in and out schedule I have been a shadow of me. I can not figure out if it is depression, lingering colds, or lack of a routine but I hate who I am right now.

I wake up grumpy.

I can shoot dirty looks for the smallest thing.

I whine, a lot.

I am pissed one minute, needing a hug the next.

I am Mean Nicole, who has zero inspiration, motivation and patience.

Except when it comes to cooking, I have been a bad ass cook lately. Finding comfort in foods we have never tried before. Rhythm in the process of dicing, stirring, heating, baking, cleaning dishes. If the urge for rice pudding strikes me, like it did last night, I make it, tweaking the recipe to be sweeter, like I would like to be.

Damn funk needs to go away. Or else my family will be eating mashed potatoes, pot roast, and bacon green beans every single night, and then we will all be super fat too.



lea ann 10:58 AM  

I'm a little behind on your blog. How are you today?

Love that you're finding comfort in the process of cooking and baking - and even the clean up.

And your family is benefitting!

(it's better for you and your family than your finding comfort in eating cheetos until 4 AM while watching infomercials!)

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