Thursday, February 26, 2009

T Minus 2 hours till departure

Two days ago I gave Archie a much needed bath. With the lack of rain the yard was dusty, grey, and very dry. Archie, who is in need of a grooming session, pretty much has dust mops for paws right now. And because he sleeps on the bed with us, and us noticed the dusty puppy smell, it was bath time.

So into the tub he went, out of the tub he came, the dryer was pointed in his direction, the towels were scrubbed all over his body and then came the flea treatment.

Apparently this time I either got water in his ear(s) or a flea crawled in one because he went nutty yesterday. The dog who sleeps about 14 hours a day was incredibly restless. I timed him, he couldn't sit still for more than 10 seconds. He paced, he tossed his head, he bit at the air, he rubbed his face on the carpet, he twitched, and he even growled a couple times. He was miserable. We were miserable.

I think he finally passed out around 1:30am only because I rubbed his ear for a good ten minutes until his breathing evened out. And then Casey came to bed. And Archie was up again and again with the twitches.

So none of us slept well last night except Alex and Betty. Both sleep through the crazy tornado weather we get here too.

Starting 15 minutes ago, I am settling in for bed. I am blogging, cleaning up the kitchen, tucking in Alex, taking a bath, watching the news, and then plan on being in bed reading by 8:45.

Because I am SO NOT A NICE PERSON when I am tired.

And because Archie is better today, mostly I think he is too exhausted to be another other than mellow.


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