Saturday, January 10, 2009


It seems that we tend to go hiking every January. Mostly because the weather is usually great at least one weekend, and there are not that many people out on the trails.

And it seems we always take a picture like this one.

We found Dinosaur tracks in the dry river bed, probably about 8 prints total, this one was the best.

And we explored, sort of, the first homestead a little bit. We were all nervous there because of the many beware of rattlesnakes signs. That is the reason for my simple windmill shot...

And Casey's "artsy" shot. He had to go back behind the homestead in knee high grass to get this one. No way was I going off the trail. Apparently there was some cool ruins back there too!
This is how Alex ended his 6 mile hike, riding Daddy's shoulders. This was the first time we had taken him on the more advanced trails, he did GREAT!

Heading down the last stretch before we got to the car. Aaahhhh pavement, you are so good to our bruised hiking feet.


lisa 7:13 PM  

I love your family picture <3

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