Sunday, January 18, 2009

Be prepared, 30 Day Shred is going to take over my blog

That rights folks, I jumped on the Jillian 30 Day Shred bandwagon. But I have a good excuse, really I do. (Besides the extra EXTRA weight that I am hauling around) Target had it scanning at $7.99 instead of its usual $15, you can bet I high tailed it straight to a cashier!

I am excited.

I am all ready counting the days, hey maybe I will be thinner for Valentine's Day!

I had a sort of last hurrah with a night full of bad TV and a best friend.

I don't want to say Good Bye to my favorite creamer.

I just might screw up the balls to post pictures too.

I all ready put it in the DVD player and the weights on the floors. Clothes are laid out too.

I will report back tomorrow with how it went.


lisa 1:18 PM  


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