Monday, December 15, 2008

For the love for Rug Doctors

Casey is my rug doctor pro. He has been dutifully cleaning all the carpets in the house for the last three hours, and probably has another three to go.

This all started because poor old blind Betty got sick in front of the sliding glass doors two days ago. So I busted out my favorite Christmas present from last year, my Little Green Clean Machine, and went to town. Since the spot was in a high traffic area, my fabulous cleaning job just exposed how dirty all the carpets really was. We lived with a perpetual sunspot for two days, got fed up with it and then we went and rented the big red machine.

If anyone came to our last holiday party in San Diego then they will remember how much of a perfectionist Casey is when it comes to cleaning the carpets. He goes over the carpet at least four times, and from every direction. The floor was damp for days! I imagine our carpets this time, will dry out just in time for Christmas. :)

Now all the downstairs carpets are beautifully clean and fresh and WHITE!!! I super vacuumed everywhere before he moved to a new room and I even tackle the base boards. It is amazing how much baseboard cleaning can brighten up the look of a room. I even scrubbed down the walls, door frames, and doors. Gah I swear Alex and the dogs have been rubbing every dirty hand or paw they have ever had on those walls.

Hmmmm... clean house!! Makes me happy!

Pictures to come later when I can retrieve my camera from downstairs. Alex and I are currently boarded up in the only dry room in the house, my craft room. Which is only dry because it was too messy to clean quickly!


lisa 9:02 PM  

How did you NOT take a before/after shot?!

Casey, the rug doctor!


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