Monday, September 22, 2008

Loads of stuff

I have so many pictures that I have been meaning to post, but alas my lazy butt got in the way. I moved my laptop downstairs to the kitchen again, and I left the camera cable upstairs, and it was just to far to walk.

Until today! I have spent my morning with yummy coffee, Bon Iver, many pups, the dawn, laundry, and homemade bread toasted. I can manage a short walk with all these fortifications backing me up.

Dawn, yet again.
I spy an Alex.
Baby pumpkins, we have so many hiding in there.
A baby watermelon. I actually have about 5 fist sized ones hiding in the bed that I didn't find until Sunday. I can't wait!
Casey played Sept. Santa. He was teaching in Irvine last week and he spent Friday night at Downtown Disney shopping up a storm for Alex and I. We brought home my favorite Basin bath bombs, Alex scored many many Legos, I also received more Dept 56 ornaments and this beauty...
A flashing eyeball light tower for our Halloween decorations. Casey knows our style so well, we look for anything that we haven't seen before. And here it is for this year. Love it.
And I leave you with a flappy Jenna. I swear every part of her that could flap, is flapping in this shot. Her collar tags, ears, tongue, tail, and all four legs.


Mary-Laure 4:57 PM  

I love everything in this post - the dog of course, those beautiful silky pumpkins and especially little Alex's mischievous gaze...

Negin 7:58 AM  

OHHH yay I was going thru pics withdrawal!!

UGH I felt so sad when I read about Casey being in Irvine. Its only 45 mins from me and I would've been happy to go see him, or even meet halfway but last week was a bad week for me. I got in a MEGA car accident, and was injured to boot..sprained ankle, sprained wrist, my abdominal incision busted open...I was a mess. My lil buggie car is gone. I am driving my moms boat-like car. And I am scared to drive still.

I miss me some Boyles! I wish you could come to LA...

lisa 10:06 AM  

Perfect stuff picked up from Disney!

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