Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Be Prepared Nie Style

Late last month when I read about the Nielson's airplane crash I could only think of Stephanie's new school year theme, it was to be prepared. So we have adopted it as well for our school year. I have gone so far as to make an admittedly overwhelming list of everything that needs to be done so we are prepared for anything that might come our way.
With Ike literally lining up to hit Corpus Christi and plow right over us, all the models show that he is going to make a trip to the Alamo, I started having a mild panic attack last night. But this morning, after digging around on my emergency shelf and checking out the pantry, I can happily say that we are pretty well prepared for Ike and any other nasty weather to come our way. We only need to pick up some water and fill the cars with gas, and we are good to go! Yippy for a small step towards being prepared!


Karelle 1:07 AM  

Hope you guys aren't too affected by Ike this weekend! You'll be in our thoughts...

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