Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A bad hair day.

I woke up this morning and realized that I really needed to wash my hair. It felt funky, it was only fit for a ponytail, and I wasn't in the ponytail mood. So I washed it and then looked at the clock and had another realization that I didn't have the time to properly dry it. So I loaded it with some mousse, flipped my head upside down and defused as much as I could in 5 minutes.
An hour later I discovered a HUGE rats nest on the right side of my head. It's like the defuser just knotted it up into a big old mat. So I spent my morning teaching Excel and picking out the rats nest strand by strand. Yeah that is what I got paid for today.

It was a bad hair day. I guess when you have two feet of hair, then a defuser becomes a deknotter.


gina 9:39 PM  

looks beautiful to me! it's getting so long! i've grown mine out quite a bit too. i'm loving it!

lisa 1:26 AM  

I am considering a return to blonde-ness next year. And I can't decide if I want it long or shorter.

Wavy hair can be great! WORK IT! ;-)

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