Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Little Listy

  • Tomorrow is the last day of school for Alex!
  • I have been working out, and my arms currently hate me.
  • Which means I love heat patches and BenGay.
  • Sammy dog is still crazy.
  • My Garden is crazy as well, but in a fabulous way.
  • Made the tastiest potatoes last night ala Pioneer woman.
  • Have I mentioned that my BFF is home? Gah I missed her.
  • Less then a month till our trip to Cancun!
  • Did I mention that it is Cancun we are going too? Well close to it anyways.
  • It is officially hurricane season! Which means NOAA is my first fav site right now.
  • Speaking of Favorite sites, I won a month long contest at Home Sanctuary ! Thanks Rachel Anne!
  • We saw the new Indiana Jones, and I didn't like it. * Gasp* It was super cheesy and predictable. Sorry Indy I so wanted to love you.
  • My Husband is the best, seriously that man is awesome. He needs Kudos too you know! :)
  • I put flannel back on the bed, and it wasn't even my idea! Casey requested it, so I have officially converted another one to the flannel year round side.
  • I all ready miss LOST, so lame I know, but it is SOOOOOOO Good! Bad Robot!

The End


lisa 12:30 AM  

Would love to see pictures of your garden!

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