Sunday, May 11, 2008

whatcha eating?

Ooohh, whatcha eating?
Can I have some?
Does it taste good? Is it crunchy?

Mom, Bella won't share!

What if I pretend to nap and look really cute doing it?

Will you share then?

Oh no! It's Archie trying to snag a nibble. I must act like I am eating.Go away Archie there is nada here for you. It's all for me and Bella.

Help, I need a snack!


gina 9:17 PM  

thank you, nicole. i needed something like that to make me smile today. such cute pups they are. :o)

lisa 7:17 PM  

1. I love Jenna

2. I paid $4.04 for gas today!

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