Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black Eye ala Betty

My dog beat me up and gave me a slice to the lid and a black eye.


I am sporting a lovely purple shiner today, a slice to the lid (right in the crease) that hurts, A LOT, and a massive headache from the bruise to my eyeball.

Anyone else see the hilarity in the fact that a blind dog has essentially blinded me temporarily?

See you when I can see clearly again.


PS: I had Casey take pictures, but I can not bring myself to post them, so not pretty.


Negin 6:05 PM  

OHHH HONEY BUNCHIES :( Feel better soon.


lisa 9:35 PM  

ooooh wow that sounds super painful!!! Betty wanted a blind sista! =/ Hope you heal quickly!

gina 11:39 PM  

yikes! sounds painful. hope you feel better soon! xoxo

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