Monday, April 21, 2008

This sums it up

These pretty much sum up Lisa's visit.

King's Chair
Agave Wine, after Monster Nachos and double Margi's.
Carrot Cake with the best Cream Cheese Frosting ever!
Bear Moon pastries.
Chicken Cheesey Spaghetti, she DROOLED in her plate.
Mid Cavern Hike
Getting ready for the caves.

Alex and the Bat Guano Mountain. You have no idea how big this MOUNTAIN is.
Our Home Depot Adventure, an entirely different post.
Watch me Swing.
Bear Moon lunch, Eggplant sandwiches and ham and Swiss quiche.
The Frog Seizures.


lisa 10:03 PM  

I smiled so big at these pics! =)

My cicuits are messed up at home so I havent had home access to internet (my network is on the "bad," non-working wall), but I can't wait to post about it!

Karelle 2:27 AM  

Looks like a great time! :)

Negin 2:48 AM  

I am SO happy to see these pics and really genuinely happy to know that you girls had a lovely time. I love your friendship together...its so genuinely filled with love that its beautiful And out of all Lisa's friends, and those who say are her best friends, they ARE NOT. you are. You care for her, take care of her, nurture her when she is with you. Nicole you are phenomenal. No offense but Lisa's other "best friend" dont hold a candle to you. They are just jealous of the friendship the two of you have! And you know what, VICE VERSA. Lisa you are an amazig girl yourself and you and Nicole make me all warm and fuzzy! My favorite Besties!!! Love you both!

PS...I Can see how happy you were with your Nicole, your Alex and Casey! Especially with Alex, you were beaming, my pretty friend!

Negin 3:02 AM  

PS...can you send me a hard copy of the pic of you guys cuddling?! I want it for my new wall of fame. Only special people go up there.

oh and Lisa..the pic of you about to eat that sandwich...OMG beautiful. girl you are looking radiant!

Love you girls so much and I pray that we can be out combo...Me, Lisa, Nicole and Gina.

PS...Lisa, JOURNAL PLEASE. I am desperate for it.

Screaming Iguana 7:29 PM  


Good Times...

I dont say much now a days...

but I was real happy Lisa came out...

Good friends are hard to come by...and the distance and time to maintain a relationship IS worth it...

no matter how much time passes...

for serious...

Aunt Lisa 9:47 PM  

SO much love!

I am giddy and bouncy. Just sayin.

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