Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green thumb is the way, where's yours?

Amid all the stories out in the news world of food shortage worldwide, I just felt that it was folly to not start a garden for our family. It is right up our alley of eating healthier and eating local and I will know EXACTLY how it is grown. So after much research and book reading and blog pursuing I settled on the Square Foot Gardening technique. Casey gave me a super generous Home Depot gift card for my birthday, which I immediately started spending while drafting my plans.

The ready bed, complete with trellis and square grid.

Waiting for filler, trellis and grid.

So far I have two beds built, one ready for our many seedlings, the other needing some more compost and filler. I also have one extra tall bed ready to be assembled which will house and grow our potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and pumpkins( which will grow vertical on a trellis).

Sugar snap peas, I am going to keep this batch in this pot because they are all ready trailing. That's okay cause I am planning on starting more in the beds. There are also come varieties of lettuce in the white pot.

Green to red bell peppers, yum.

Seriously, so happy with my beds, which I built on my own with the help of Lisa and Alex. Seriously so happy to be moving our various seedlings into their squares and sowing the seeds that I have been waiting on. Seriously so happy that we will have an abundance of food that we will have grown and know from seed. So happy.

Tons of tomatoes, more bells this time yellow, a bucket of carrots, strawberries, and more lettuce with some basil hidden around and a nosey Pen-Pen.


Karelle 7:57 PM  

Beautiful! Wanna come build some of those in my garden? All I have is sand for a backyard though. :( You'll have to post updates every now & then so we can follow the growth of your veggies. :)

lisa 10:12 PM  

Keep me posted! SO proud!

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