Friday, April 04, 2008

24 hours to go...

By this time tomorrow night, I will be done with a big stress in my life, our cub scout banquet. I just finished up the centerpiece that I had to make, and if I say so myself, it turned out pretty good. Our banquet theme is Magic, so I went with wands shooting flowers, magic doves, and floating magician hands all set in a black top hat. With some blue and gold tossed in for the cub scout theme.

This banquet has brought out the worse in two prima donna mothers, who both want everything in this banquet to be perfect for only their sons. *sigh* A handful of us other mothers are totally going to hit up the margaritas once this night is done, and we are done with those mothers for good. Thank god for a light at the end of the tunnel.


lisa 1:18 AM  

neat centerpiece!

And what a "happy hour" you will have with the good mothers! ;-)

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