Sunday, March 30, 2008

Garage Sale Super Find

Alex and I found the best garage sale buy ever today! We scored this bookcase for $20. It is hard to see in the picture of it is backed in bead board, in perfect condition and is exactly what I didn't realize I was looking for! I have been chattering at Casey that we need some bookcases because I have piles of books in various places and I never quite knew where to stick them. I mean they aren't cookbooks or knitting books or Fiction or technical manuals, they are just pretty books. But today we found them a home... AND the best part the husband drove it to our house and came back an hour later with those baskets and lamp. His wife said that they went with the bookcase originally and figured if she didn't sell them before it rained again that she would give them to us. WOO HOO!!! The bedroom is coming together and I just love our blue nest.


lisa 2:05 PM  

omg! I was going to ask you about the baskets and lamp! What a GREAT deal! I love how put together it looks.

gina 8:33 PM  

looks awesome! what a score!!

sunny 8:50 PM  

looks so great! you must have been so happy to find them!

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