Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Eats

Saturdays in our household are treated foodwise as the day for a "Sunday" dinner. It is the day before Casey leaves on business trips. It is the day to cook home comforts, to throw open the windows and watch the puppies sniff the air catching wafts of kitchen treats. I take pride in the cooking I do for my family. I enjoy the entire process from recipe searches, to shopping, to prepping, to cooking, to waiting, to eating, and even the clean up. I love the fact that my husband thanks me for his Saturday meals and compliments me by saying my food is always better then where ever we eat out. My dad has even started bragging about my cooking, and having that come from the Master Foodie, it means alot.

Last night was Chicken Spaghetti with Reese's and Smore's cookies for the diabetic coma part of the night. Today is dark chocolate brownies, bacon cracker wraps, and a pot roast. Food comforts for my boys. The dogs usually get some sort of treat out of it, today was the silver skin from the roast pan fried and toasty.

I can not take full credit for my home cooking. I get alot of recipes from google searches and of course Nigella books. One of my favorite books is Joie de Vivre, don't be intimidated because it is about French cooking. It is all simple basic techniques, with tasty foods. One of my absolute favorite places to get recipes is from the Pioneer Woman. Every simple blessedly delicious thing has been awesome. Go try her out, especially the Chicken Spaghetti, damn it is good. Oh and the Bread Pudding!


Lisa 4:46 PM  

OMG! How are those bacon wrap crackers?

I saw the pot roast too...but I cannot get away from my mom's lazy ohmygodtremendous crock pot pot roast.

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