Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bring Dramamine or a Barf Bag

Cloverfield = Major Motion Sickness with an undercurrent of scary shock.

I saw Cloverfield today with my Dad. I immediately, like within the first five minutes, got nauseous. I heard more then saw the movie and the parts I did see left me with a shocked feeling. Decapitated Liberty, Monsters ala LoveCraft, flashbacks to I Am Legend, and moments so familiar through 9/11 imagery that I think I would feel nauseous even with out the Blair Witch camera antics and random strobe lights.

Overall, good movie, left much unanswered in the typical Abrams style. I will most likely not see this movie again because I seriously thought I was going to lose my cookies. I had to get up and leave at one point and spent that time away from the screen leaning up against a wall with another woman who was ready to puke in a can. Seriously.

Abrams needs to invest in a steady-cam.


Lisa 7:28 PM  

whoa...good to know. how will you get through it next time?

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