Sunday, December 02, 2007

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Two snuggle bunnies...

We woke this morning with a sick Alex who coughed and sat in a semi veg state. The veg state for our kiddo is a sure sign of sickness. So I loaded him up with medicine and sent him back to bed, where he languished till NOON!! This is unheard of in our house for Alex. I treated him to a stuff till you bust pizza, pasta and cinnamon roll buffet which he promptly declared AWESOME. Now it is budget rework time while I watch Jon and Kate plus 8 for inspiration. if she can run that household on her husband's single paycheck and eat healthy Organic foods, then by golly joe so can we.



Anonymous 9:19 PM  

Hey, I lost your email address, send it to me please!

lisa 9:44 PM  

sweet snugglies. =)

good job, mama!

Anonymous 8:19 PM  

I watch that show for inspiration all the time too! I figure, if they can make it work with 8, I have no excuse not to with only three!


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