Friday, December 28, 2007

Hell Ya I Bake Buns!

First you throw together the ingredients for your dough into your bread machine. Mine is old, like pushing 15 years, but I know it and it knows me and we get along really well.

Then you prep your baking sheet, Silpats are a must, I ruin two a year, horrible I know, but when you forget and cut a pizza on it, you just must accept that a new one will come in your stocking. Don't forget to let the egg sit out till close to room temperature, you need it for the glaze.
Oh Dough Bliss, once the machine does it's mixing, and kneading, and rising and punching down, you can turn out your beauty to a floured surface. Mine was a second baking sheet with flour tossed around because every other surface in my kitchen was busy holding dirty dishes.
Then you get to the fun part, shaping them into a rounds and logs.
Cover and place the dough in a warm place, then sit and pet the Betty and knit till they roughly double in size.
Oh yeasty Gods you worked your magic ...
Brush with the yolk wash and scatter with sesame seeds, which we passed on this time.
Fifteen minutes later, once they have exited the oven you have these yummies.

Perfect for dogs, or sausages, or burgers, or chicken patties. Yum!


Negs 9:36 PM  

OMG is there anything you CANT do!?

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