Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Today I did my annual Mommy Dearest Rant. I wasn't expecting it, neither was Alex and neither was Casey. It all started when I asked Alex to clean up his playroom to make room for his new Christmas presents. And hour later it looked exactly the same.

**Beware Parental Freak Out Forthcoming**

I lost it. I immediately sent him downstairs for a dozen garbage bags and started in on the closest thing and systematically moved around the room. I even tackle the Hot Wheel bin and consolidated it since we are turning his train table into a Lego table for his birthday. Two hours and 3 garbage bags and 6 donation bags later, we have a clean room. Everything has a place, the bin storage rack is gone since it is just a junk catcher and I have spot cleaned his carpets.

I had a moment where I was so mad at myself for the sheer amount of stuff being donated and thrown away due to breakage. It was probably equivalent to one weeks worth of income for Casey. One week away from his family thrown away. I am so upset about that. It is just not right

In an effort to get things in order and par down the amount of stuff in our home, I am going to give each room one month. A month to purge, super clean, spot clean carpets, PAINT, and if needed reinvent layouts and add bits of furniture.

Alex's playroom gets January. His bedroom gets February. Time to look at paint samples!

Oh and he is allowed one gift per person for his birthday.


Lisa 7:54 PM  

"Oh and he is allowed one gift per person for his birthday"

That is a really good idea. Alex has been so lucky to have so much...but when you put it as Casey being ONE WEEK AWAY from the

You are rockin the cleanup. I am impressed and in awe! And yeah...I think the best way to prevent this is to stop it from coming in the house. Personal time is so much better than material bags of crap! WOW!

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