Sunday, December 09, 2007


A day to knock it all out was what yesterday was. By 10am we had visited Santa, who looks so authentic, made two Christmas purchases and were on our way to Costco to finish up some more. By 11am we were at Walmart buying the last of what we needed and by 1pm I had all of it wrapped, boxed for shipping and was casting on for a last minute gift. By 9pm last night, Casey had wracked up a 5 hour nap, I have finished half of the last minute Knit and we were watching SNL. Hooray for a check it all off the list day, we are right on schedule for our holiday shipping deadline and I think this year will be the first one where we are not stressed about presents to loved ones far away.

Speaking of faraway, we got a call this morning from my parents who are in Surrey UK. Dad is teaching a class out there this week and they are staying over later to celebrate their anniversary. My dad is even braving the driving and roads out there. Go Dad!

I can't wait to see pictures and the wee goodies they are bringing back.


lisa 9:51 PM  

fantastic for you!!! And NEAT for your parents!

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