Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ready for January 1st

I have a love affair with planners. I have used Day Planners, Franklin Coveys, Outlook, Palms, spiral bound notebooks, and student planners. But two years ago I found my ultimate planner. A planner that lets me track all our individual schedules with room for the house schedule and meal plans. It still has a to-do list and plenty of room for notes. And above all other things it isn't as big as a text book. The Busy Body Book is the adult version of my favorite student planner. They have revamped it over the year,made it come chic and savvy, not so hokey, but the basic structure is there, which is what I want. Plus their customer service is the best!

Each year I refurbish the cover, using the ultimate in papers, Basic Grey. For some reason 2008's cover seems better then the current one. Or maybe I have just been staring at that bird for a whole year and I am ready for some new visual goods.


lisa 11:43 PM  

the new cover IS pretty attractive!

Anonymous 6:02 PM  

Ok, I had to come back & comment because I originally followed the link, checked out the planners, admired them, coveted them, and went away. But I CANNOT stop thinking about them and how much a really *need* one! So I've decided to buy one after all. Thanks for the tip! :)


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