Thursday, November 29, 2007

In the spirit and parental rush

With one day to spare I made up Alex's Advent calendar for this Christmas season. I was tempted by all the lovely Martha kits at Michael's and since I an not going into the nighmare of homemade Christmas cards, it was an advent Calendar that ended up in my basket. I must say it was fun to put together if not maddeningly frustrating dealing with glue that wouldn't dry. I ended up using three different types of adhesive on this house, but it is done!
It is stuffed with candies, chocolate coins, mini ornaments for his personal tree, Webkniz charms, Christmas M&M's and in the biggest door the Reindeer Webkinz.
Growing up I had one of those Chocolate door Advent boxes one year, and it was wonderful to anticipate the holiday each day with a melt of chocolate on the tongue. So I try to do something advent wise for Alex's each year. We have had the old school box of chocolates, sticker trees, ornament trees, grab bag trees, and cookie advents, but this years was fun to personalize. I wish the boxes had been big enough for Hot Wheels. I must make something up like this for next year.
So now it is down to the rush of Christmas, 26 days away. The Countdown seems endless with so much to do.
  • Write out Christmas cards
  • Mail cards, I forgot to one year and found them in the coffee table baskets, written, addresses and stamped, in FEBRUARY!
  • Buy presents to be shipped.
  • SHIP presents by December 10th.
  • Donate presents and wrap them with Pack for the Children's House.
  • Finish decorating inside.
  • Put up Lights outside.
  • Buy TREE!!!
  • Decorate tree.
  • Buy family presents.
  • Wrap presents.
  • Knit, felt, dry, and hang Christmas stockings. 2 Down, 1 in Process, 2 Waiting.
  • Plan Christmas Brunch.
  • Shop for groceries.
  • Buy fire wood in bulk.
  • Drive around and see all the light displays.
  • See the Alamo tree and Riverwalk light displays.
  • Buy Suitable Polar Express Day PJ's for bugman.
  • See Santa!
  • Bake Holiday treats for neighbors and friends.
  • Get Anniversary cards for my parents.
  • Be happy for them while in London for 14 days right before Christmas! Oh Joy!
  • Remember to include Alex's school picture in gifts and cards.
  • Celebrate the season with Den, including card making for Hospital patients, and singing carols in the lobby.
  • Enjoy the first cup of Egg Nog.
  • Enjoy the sneak of presents for Alex and Casey.
  • Wrap all presents.
  • Sit by twinkle light on the couch snuggling with my man.

Oh I love this time of year!!


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