Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Punkin' Luv

Some days are perfect for a punkin' completion. Seriously the hardest part about this little guy was the stitching up, and only because it was tedious. Pattern here. Mine came out a bit different due to a different yarn and a smidgen to little stuffing, but I am dang happy about it. Be on the look out for dozens more soon.


Lisa 6:55 PM  


No wonder I was thinking of you yesterday...

Driving up and down Encinitas I saw real patches growing pumpkins...the brightest orangest pumpkins I have ever seen...I wonder where they go?

I totally thought of you. My heart melts with thoughts of you and fall. Comfort times.

lisa 10:21 PM  

heeheehee. after seeing this picture again (in case there was a post today ;-) ) I saw another lil punkin luv ....in the background!

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